Thursday, 4 December 2008

Todays saving!

Beloved took his laptop to the computer shop last week because it wont boot up. I have tried to fix it night after night over the last 4 weeks but I just cant. Finally he got bored with waiting. It would be £40 for the check-up and re-install of the operating system. A call left on the answering machine says now it is £60 because they found a problem (yeah, really). By the time he got to the shop it was up to £80. By the time he was ready to leave it was up to £120!!! What! Alarm bells are ringing by now. I know the machine is 13 months old because i gave it to him for his birthday last year and bought it a couple of weeks earlier. Obviously it would be out of warranty because I didn't take up the offer of extended warranty. Bugger!

Then i discovered something really cool about Dell laptops. They have a little registration number on their bottoms (wouldn't it be useful if we all had the same). I logged on to the Dell website and keyed in the reg number. Ha, we have a fourteen month warranty. I didn't even know such things existed. I then spent 40 minutes on the phone to a nice young lady with a heavy accent (that was a riot with my awful hearing). Someone is delivering a new hard drive to us on Monday. My new friend will phone back on Tuesday and will talk us through the software process. Ha,ha! So how much did we save £40, £60, £120 or maybe £200 by the way the price was going up.

Way to go Dell!

PS My husband apparently got the charge cancelled because he pointed out that they had done exactly the same to me when I brought my laptop to them when he was awy in the summer. He tells me they have agreed to refund my invoice too since all they did was tell me it was unfixable, even though I am still using it today. I am quite impressed.


  1. Wow, a little investigation really pays off! Good job.

  2. I know. We must learn to explore all areas before handing over our hard earned cash. My husband is terrible for that but if he has been wrongly charged he is really persistent, not unpleasant and always polite but very persistent. We normally get our refund.


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