We had a lovely evening last night. Home cooked dinner and then we watched an excellent DVD (not the usually B stuff.)

We have had to cave in with the heating. Without any heating the house was just so cold that it was beginning to feel damp. I haven't yet used the central heating but we have had the gas fire on low in the sitting room. The new door curtains and the double insulated window curtains are pulled as soon as we get home in the evenings & then we warm that room up. The cats are also very popular suddenly because they keep our laps nice and warm. I am managing to get all of my boys to wear a little more clothes indoors this year(they are the type who would expect to wear jeans and t-shirt in December and then stick the central heating on full blast to make it bearable).

My husband is still feeling the cold though. He lost 31 kilo in the last 18 months & today he wore a vest, t-shirt, long sleeved t-shirt, sweatshirt and fleecy jacket (plus fleecy jogging bottoms). He most often wears sports clothes as he is a swimming teacher. He also gets really cold when he finishes work and has been in the water for hours. We have plan. Somewhere in the house we have thermal long sleeve vets and thermal long sleeve underwear! Very sexy! Hmmm.

I sit with my lap top on my lap (lap top - must have been made for keeping my lap warm)to make sure no heat is wasted. I have also found the shawl which I wore at our wedding. It is around my shoulders as I type. It is works quite well except that i feel about a hundred years old!


  1. Is that picture from your deck? That's a lot of snow. Did you put your wet laundry in front of your fire or does that make the room too wet? I was going to buy a ski suit to wear around the house instead of turning on the heat but I didn't find one at the thrift store yet. It isn't really cold here yet anyway.

  2. This sound like us Lizzie, DH has a duvet on the sofa and I'm wearing everything I can to keep warm.
    Ski suit Daizy - good idea :)

  3. No, we havnt had any actual snow yet but it as zero yesterday. Sometimes it seems colder inside than outside. Um, I have been known to use the tumble dryer but dont tell anyone!
    Hey Laura, bet its a bit warmer in Portugal. Crete is still 22degrees. I could be swimming daily!
    oh well.

  4. Blimey, Lizzie, no heating? Still? That is seriously hardcore - I'm impressed!!


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