I'm sorry to grizzle again but

My chiropractor, the woman who is making my life so much less painful than it was for so many years the wonderful woman, told me this morning she has sent a note to my GP saying that I need to have a test for diabetes and also for an enlarged pituitary gland. Hmmmm.

I am having some problems concentrating on my weekend plans, which is a shame as they were fun ones. I have some shelves to put up and I am checking on my vegetable seed stock and adding my 'vegetable plans' to my diary.

Looking on the bright side though Lulus is looking good. I suppose that if she (the chiro not the cat) is right about these things then it is better that she identify I need treatment sooner rather than later.


  1. Look on the bright side, Lizzie. At least your doctor is aware that something could be wrong and is acting on it. Despite tremendous pain, mine kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me while all the time my bowel was rotting away inside me.

    I have a nurse coming on Monday to take blood tests. It seems my potassium levels are low again and if that's the case it's off to hospital for a blood transfusion. Deep joy!

  2. Thats what I was thinking, if she is right then thank goodness my mum made me go to her! I am still hoping she is wrong though!!!

    Oh, lucky you (not). I guess we have to appreciate that we live today not 50 years ago and they can do something for us but sometimes....

  3. Lizzie, please try not too woory too much.
    the same thing happened to me & it turned out that I was borderline diabetic. I take 2 pills per day (metformin) & have bloods done about every 6 months. Since we've been frugal living, its actually easier to control as we don't eat so much junk now.

    Hereford UK

    P.S If you do need to go on tablets, ask your doctor/ or practice nurse for an exemption form for the diabetes medication, mine gave me one without me asking as They seem to think I will be on them for life, but it means you will never pay for a prescription or eye test.

  4. Hi Kim
    Thank you for the info and the reassurance.very welcome at the moment, I can tell you


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