Life begins at 40(ish)

I will be 47 this year. Married 20 yeas next week (I know, you get less for committing major crimes, don't think I haven't noticed). I have been blogging for just over a year.

Over the last year I have really got my act together. I have learned to be in the moment instead of worrying about everything I haven't yet got to. That was the one thing that made me quite miserable. I am not certain whether to credit blogging, the reading of blogs or the decision that brought me to blog (to record my progress and change) in the first place. But something has made that difference and I am loving it. I am even more productive than I was, so lots of feelgood factor, but instead of rushing through things and getting on to the the next task I am fully 'in' my task. Its a revelation.

My decision to learn to appreciate my life was obviously the big first step. Without that I would still be cleaning,cooking,working,working,working, all at break neck speed and without extracting contentment. Writing my blog helped me to get my ducks in a row. I really had to dig deep into my thoughts to commit something to paper (electronic paper)and I revealed my desires and hidden dreams to my conscious self. Discovering the blogging community, from comments and tracking back to other blogs, has just taken me a step further. Opened a world of possibilities to me. Thank you.

I am puzzled why we need 20 plus years of adulthood to come up with a life plan that allows us to enjoy our lives. But perhaps later generations than me will be able to find their way a little earlier in future, now that the whole world can become an author.

On a completely different note, we went to the vet again this morning & Lulu got the okay to come off her meds. Her back paws are not 100% and are still cold (that means something more than she needs catty slippers apparently) but otherwise my little fluffy bundle is grumpy but healthy. I am hopeful she will cheer up once she is completely off the meds. Thank you to everyone that has enquired.


  1. Great post. I'm hearing you about how blogging can bring about a clarity that you might not have had before. I'm really finding that blogging is making me more aware of the journey and what I'm learning along the way. Happy Wedding Anniversary for next week!

  2. Hello Lizzie
    Remember the old saying - Theres no harm in trying.

    Blogging certainly opens our eyes to the way others think and makes us open to other suggestions, especially if we can see that those sugestions work.

    I think if we try other ways and they work for us then it wasn't time wasted.

    (tongue in cheek) My Mum used to say, 'Its being mature that makes us even think about changing our way of thinking'.

    lol Not sure if she meant being mature in years or in attitude

    Happy Anniversary and Enjoy your Journey
    Take care

  3. Wonderful, really wonderful!

    So pleased LuLu is better!

  4. Lovely post Lizzie and you are so right..blogging has helped me to put my ducks in a (very straight obviously) row too :)

  5. & thats why we are all so wonderful!!!!!

  6. This is the week of your anniversery! Have a great celebration!

    You have so much to live for and all your hard work is paying dividends now -- the type that brings real value to your life.



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