Clean Slates

19th January 2009. The most depressing day of the year. January is supposed to be depressing, Mondays are supposed to be depressing but why the 19th? It might be the last week before payday?

I didn't find 19th January at all depressing. I love January. I love the chance to start over and put behind you all the things you did wrong last year. I love the clean page of the diary, the chance to make plans for the year - maybe they will come to something and maybe not, that's the fun bit. I like to introduce new habits & work towards new goals. I love the way that the days become longer so quickly & the promise of coming home from work in daylight.

January is the perfect balance at the other end of the year from the indulgence and excess of Christmas. Each has its place and we have a place in each.

I am watching covererage of the inauguraiton fo the US president. Congratulations people of the USA. I am proud of you.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    I read that somewhere about January and depression - for those up over seems its to do with the cold weather and no daylight. I think for lots of people it might be to do with the credit card statements arriving.
    Like your look on the month - starting over etc 'cept I'm not with you on the longer hours of daylight............means ours are going to get shorter :((
    Take care

  2. I'll second the credit card statement theory. I don't usually have to wait for payday before I mail it but this month my bank account it low. Depressing!

  3. Hi Cathy
    The most depressing day of the year is in the newspaper and on TV here, weirdly enough. Its a Northern Hemisphere thing for sure as sunshine would make it all okay!

    Daizy, you are doing well in keeping it positive through some ral trials, no depressing day for you !


  4. And it had to be on a Monday, too! No wonder it was depressing this year! LOL!


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