My new way of looking at things

I have been reading Paul at Simple Green Frugal thingy

Re-using things you don't have a need for, by making them into something you do have a need for.

This might not be quite what he had in mind but today the last of the Christmas peanuts (which were pretty soft, having been open since Christmas Eve)were re-used into some weird peanut brittle using Nigella's recipe. Not sure if I went wrong because it is actually more like ultra crispy honeycomb with the odd nut in it, but it is yummy.

I also had a glass pasta cooker which I really cant get on with. Its a glass tube which you fill with dried pasta and pour boil water over. I have tried and tried but the pasta always tastes both under and over cooked. I couldn't free cycle it with a clean conscience because it is useless. Aha, its useless to cook pasta but actually it seems pretty good as a sprouter. It has a perforated lid and another solid lid, so you can fill with water and then drain. Perfect.

I also put up some flashy shelves above my desk today. Not exactly re-using but i bought them for a couple of quid at a car boot sale and intended them to go in my kitchen, so it sort of counts!


  1. now theres a funny thing.. I have been looking for a recipe to use up peanuts from Christmas.. only i bought them to make the peanut brittle (ala Nigella) for gifts - and it went down very well...

    maybe will have to make a nut loaf or something...

  2. Did it look like peanut brittle or was it opaque? Ours is lovely, just nothing like peanut brittle!

  3. yeh it was opaque - but lovely. huge hit as pressies...

  4. Some of my best meals are made out of left-overs lurking in the back of the fridge. Tonight I hope that still holds true - I have the last of the pumpkins, some swede, half a huge parsnip, some carrots and a egg mountain. I'm going for roast veg in a large Yokshire Pudding which will be accompanied by brussls if it stops raining before it gets too dark to pick them!

    Rosie x

  5. I feel better about it now. Really is nice but I am not sure how much of it will be given away.

    Sounds good to me Rosie. We have a food recycling bin from the council. At the moment it contains egg shells, chicken bones, onion peel and bird seed husks. Nothing edible escapes our attention1


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