Thank you so much everyone who wrote to me yesterday. Monty's sister cried all afternoon, weed in the conservatory (never done this before), was sick in the kitchen (also very unusual) and when she got up she was walking on the front of her paws. She hasn't had a moment of illness until this point in 15 years, except for a snake bite. Another trip to the vet last evening (they kindly stayed open for us - thank you Riverside Veterinary Surgery)with Lulu, where she was given steroids and painkillers. It looked like Saddle Thrombus so I thought I was going to lose both of my babies in one day. I cant think this is a coincidence surely? They had thirty human years of good health between them and then both in one day?? I assume she could pick up on what was happening and it was stressing and distressing her. After a frightful night she actually looks a lot better this morning. Still unsteady on her feet and not especially hungry but some purring and a little more movement in the back half.
I am fast losing confidence in 2009.


  1. Oh Lizzie, I am so sorry to hear about your pussy cats. Monty looked like such a sweet boy. Take confort in the fact that he had a long and happy life with you and your family. He looks so contented in the picture you posted of him.
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Lulu gets better,

    Take care

  2. Oh I do hope Lizzie will be fine for a few more years yet. It's always awful to lose apet that we love but thankfully I've never lost two at the same time and I truly hope you don't have to experience that either. Sending lots of healing thoughts her way :)

  3. Oh dear... now I wrote Lizzie instead of Lulu... blame that on me being just a bit distressed at hearing about this. It upsets to me to hear about animals suffering because they can't tell us how they feel, can they?

  4. Oh Dear....What a rough day. I'm sure Lulu was just picking up on what's happening. Animals are like that. She'll be sad too. Are you thinking of getting another cat as a friend for her?

  5. Thank you all (again). She is still breathing strangely and her backs legs are not so good but she looks much better than yesterday. She doesnt want to sit on anything but the floor so maybe she is happy with the hardness of the floor as she is unsteady. She has to take another steriod tonight. I have everything crossed for my little fluffy bundle.


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