Lulu update (and Diary Update)

But obviously Lulu is the most important so she comes first!
She is still breathing very quickly, perhaps too shallow and she is sitting oddly for her. She has always been a cat who sleeps in draught excluder position, long and thin, but at the moment she is more curled up. Otherwise there are good signs. Eating, purring when stroked but also purring when you walk close to her. She wont climb onto the furniture and if you put her up then she jumps down again so i think she likes hard floor under her feet. We must see the vet again on Wednesday morning so please keep fingers crossed for her.

I had two diaries for Christmas. I narrow one which would fit in a small handbag, suitable for the odd appointment but not for use as a planner and an A5 one where a week covered a double page spread. I am the small one as a new price book. My previous price book was in excel and was quite neat but I found I didn't refer to it enough, so this one will be more handbag sized. I have labelled up the first page; MEAT - WHOLE CHICKENS PER KG. Second page;MEAT CHICKEN THIGHS PER KILO. After all of the meat pages I did the same again with BAKERY and then TINS. I have started FRUIT/VEG, then it will be DAIRY, JARS, DRIED, OTHER. A single page for each product. It should be quite interesting, as well as cost saving, to see how this pans out.

The second diary is for use as an actual diary. It will have appointments, plans & reminders but also bring structure to my thoughts and plans. I am making a couple of changes to how I structure my week and my diary will help me keep to this until it becomes a habit. I am going to divide my housework over the weekdays rather than leaving it all to the weekend. I am also moving my main meal to lunch time. Our various jobs at the moment mean that we cant sit and eat our dinner all together anyway, unless we eat around midnight, so I might as well eat at lunch time anyway. I will review this after a month.


  1. So glad to hear that Lulu is doing a little better. I really hope she gets back to her old self soon :) Your idea about the price book sounds interesting. I've heard people mention these before but never really understood how they worked. Do you write down the places and prices you have seen each thing? It might be a good idea for me to start one of these as our shopping bill is getting silly!

  2. I do hope Lulu makes a speedy recovery now, it must be such a worry for you. Do you think part of her problem could be that she's pining for her brother?

    PS: Here's an odd coincidence. The word verification for this comment is "pusill"

  3. Hi Gem
    She is definitely on the improve. Side effects of the steriods apparently include depression so I think I might have a depressed cat for a while.
    I did try a price book before. Itmes down the side and a column for each shop, wiht prices by 100g. The book is similar but with an itme per page. The main thing is that I will have it with me when I am shopping. Hopefully it should make the difference!
    Hi Sharon
    Glad you are still around, I dont really understand facebook! I really tihnk she is. Picture of health for 15 years and struck down the day he goes? My sister knows a man that looks after old retreivers and when one dies they always show him to the others so that they know where he has gone. I wish we had realised before.
    My word verification is reworm so maybe someone thinks she needs worming!

  4. When Baby died, we were advised to leave her in the field with Rawnie Spangle, so that mummy horse could mourn. I needed help to move the dead foal anyway as she was big & heavy. I left the dead kittens with Stardust for a while, so she knew, but I removed the dead pup from Tashka as soon as I found her & Tashka kept looking for her missing baby. Apart from chicks, Tashka's litter was my first experience with baby animals & first real time with more than 1 animal around at a time ~ I'm still learning


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