Progress update

What to do in 2009

• Pay at least £20000 from debt/mortgage - Credit cards have been cut up and snowball calculator has been completed. Minimal goods have been purchased - reel of Cotton, syringe to give medicine to cat, cup hooks.
Finish Crete house so that it can be rented. No progress expected this soon.
• Increase exercise through additional walking. First visit today to Chiropractor who says she can fix my back and neck. I will walk!
• Keep swim school afloat.One day at a time.
• Take lunch to work each day unless provided at work. Not back to work yet.• 5 No spend days each week.
• Meal plan each week. Plans are underway.
• Re-visit single area of expenditure each month to ensure we are getting the
best deal (i.e. car insurance, mortgage cover)Nope but I will.
• Try salsa dancing.Course booked for 4 weeks starting 3rd February - at discount!• Take short course in digital photography.Booked, course starts 28th January.• Sell £500 if possessions on eBay.
• Make salami & sausages. Still planning.
• Taster ski lesson at the local Alpine centre. Postponed at the moment as too expensive.

Not bad for a first week, plus upstairs bathroom is finished and plumbing is finished in the guest bathroom ( still on target to finished walls and floor this week)


  1. Just wanted to say I'm honored to be listed on your blogroll, thank you!

  2. That is amazing progress in just one week! Keep it up and you'll have that list finished by February. What will you do with the rest of the year?

  3. You're welcome, we love intersting people!!

    Coming to visit you Daizy, you didnt forget me??


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