Sunday night smile!

I know, two posts in one day, the woman is obsessed. But I just found out something very nice & I need to share it!

After making my goals list yesterday to pay at least £20k of debt/mortgage this year I decided to complete a snowball calculation for everything. If I pay the basic amount then my mortgage etc will be clear by 2028, not brilliant but asper the mortgage repayment schedule.

If I continue to pay the amount which I plan to pay this coming year then my mortgage will be paid by 2021.

However my husband has agreed I can have all of his salary from three of his jobs (he has to be allowed to keep something as he has plans too). On top of that any extra cash from eBay or amazon can also top it up. My aim then becomes to be debt and mortgage free, without selling any property, by 2017. I AM A VERY HAPPY BUNNY and learning from other bloggers and brought me to this place. You are a wonderful and literally an inspiration. Thank you.



  1. Thats brilliant Lizzie, It's amazing how it adds up when you start overpaying. Mortgage free on 3 (?) properties by 2017, wonderful.

    Just keep an eye on the mortgage rates/savings rates, as I'm sure you wil, you don't want to lose out

  2. Great plan Lizzie! It is wonderful to hear other plans for paying down the mortgage. Best of luck!

  3. Wow! That more than makes up for the surprise water bill!

  4. If it wasnt for for 'you lot' then I would just pay my monthly amount, as decided by the building society, and thats it. I hadnt even known this was a possibility! Amazing!

  5. As the interest rates went up, Iincreased my payments by a bit more than was needed. As they've gone down I've left the payments at the high rate in the hopes I'll be able to pay more off. I'm on disability, so can't pay any more than I do & this place needs renovating still, so it's all a balancing act.
    Good for you in trying to pay all your mortgages off quicker than planned

  6. Killi, that’s pretty much what I did. Take the pain when rates increased and then get used to the extra expense and leave them high when rates came down.

  7. Great plan. I really need to do some calculations to see what we can achieve in terms of reducing our debt. It's a big priority over the coming years.


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