First thoughts on 2009 plans

What to do in 2009

• Pay at least £20000 from debt/mortgage (Debt can only be paid off
i.e. no further debt can be incurred).
• Finish Crete house so that it can be rented.
• Increase exercise through additional walking.
• Keep swim school afloat.
• Take lunch to work each day unless provided at work.
• 5 No spend days each week.
• Meal plan each week.
• Re-visit single area of expenditure each month to ensure we are getting the
best deal (i.e. car insurance, mortgage cover)
• Try salsa dancing.
• Take short course in digital photography.
• Sell £500 if possessions on eBay.
• Make salami & sausages.
• Taster ski lesson at the local Alpine centre.

My secret weapon is a diary which is big enough to record everything but small enough to fit in my bag. I will detail how I am using the diary once I am into the rhythm of things.


  1. If you make sausage while salsa dancing on the ski slopes maybe you can combine the activities and save money! Ok...I've had too much eggnog. That sounds like a great list. I need to make a fun list too.

  2. Awesome list Lizzie! Can't wait to hear about how your secret weapon is working. Good Luck!

  3. Have you been sniffing the thinners with your painting again there Daizy??? My lists normally say things like - take lunches to work, cook from scratch etc so this year I thought a few more actual goals and some fun, I have been reading about the middle way a lot lately......!

  4. lol @ Daizy

    Great list Lizzie..I'm so excited for you..i'm very sad!! :)

  5. Sounds like some good plans there for 2009. I am going to spend some quality hours this week working out what I want to achieve this year.


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