Expense, expense, expense

So 2009 is to be a year of concentrating on debt repayment, lowering the outstanding mortgage etc. Debt repayment will be around £25000 so I have to minimise other expenditure. So how did the first day go. Hmmm.

Had a email from my friend in Crete to say that I owe her £400 for paying my water bill. My lively builder buried the water meter so the water company have guess that we owe them this amount and we cant challenge it, so she paid it to save us from incurring interest.

Trip to B&Q (my second home) to buy board for the walls and floor of the guest bathroom (the reason I am not going back to work properly this week is to be assistant/labourer on this project). 5 boards at £9 each, less £30 in B&Q vouchers from my December investment with them. Of course that too easy (and cheap). Instead it is 5 board at £26, less my vouchers, but plus a bench grinder which is some how an essential item for this job. £135!! Grrh

I have misplaced a Marks & Spencer £20 voucher which my husband was given from Christmas by a group that he teaches on a voluntary basis. They always spoil us with chocolates & biscuits but this year money too. and I have lost it.

I am afraid to speak to anyone else in case I end up owing them money.

On a more cheerful note. My husband asked some relative of his to send me 50 kilo of olive oil soap the other day, with a view to start my own little online business. I wasn't too sure if this was a wise idea at the time. This week we had a package of soap, weighing in at around 2 kilo, so obviously my sister in law felt the same way. I am quite please as finding a home for 400 bars of soap wasn't so easy.


  1. Sounds like your aim for 2009 is similar to mine - I want to rid my self of debt and begin saving for a deposit on a house :) Good luck :) Have you been on the moneysavingexpert site? I love it - loads of great tips and ideas :)

  2. Let me know when/if you start selling the soap please Lizzie, as I'm on the hunt for a good environmentally friendly soap. Thanks.

  3. Hi Gem, Oh yes, I am MSE through & through. My family laughs at me for always checking with Martin before I commit to anything!

    Hi Sharon. Email me your address and I will send you a couple of bars to test drive!

  4. Oh yes, I found out about the hotel from MSE. My oh is sick of hearing me rattle on about how great that site is! ;) The tooth is much better now I have nearly finished the antibiotics and I'm at the dentist on Monaday so it will be all sorted out then :) x

  5. Thank you, Lizzie. You're very kind :)

    I can't find your email addy on the site though. Could you drop me a mail at dioritt @ yahoo . co . uk ? Thanks :)

  6. Hi Lizzzie. Glad to hear that your soap has arrived. Please let me know how & when you start selling it.



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