Thursday, 29 January 2009

You really are what you eat.

We eat proper home cooked food pretty much all the time. The night before last I really really craved Chinese takeaway. We caved and ordered up. The dishes are fairly healthy veggie stir fries and rice anyway, so no problem once in a while. How come I have felt awful, listless and sapped of energy for the last two days? Can it really be that simple of is it a coincidence? How made chicken and vegetable stir fry with organic burghal for dinner tonight so hopefully full of beans again by tomorrow.

In a similar vain my husband has seen how much better i feel without the constant medication for my migraines and headaches and was bemoaning the fact that he still has to take very harsh painkillers because of muscles aches ( which he gets from another medication he has to take for his heart.0 A real catch 22. I read up on the pain killers and found that to a certain extent they cause the pains that they are supposed to help with. We think it might be true. He hasn't taken one in seven days. The first five days were awful but now he improving n leaps and bounds. Other problems are also disappearing (sensitive teeth are no longer sensitive, couldn't have guessed that one).

We are introducing more organic food into our diet each week (less of a financial shock) and ditching more of the rubbish. I feel better at 46 than I did at 36! We are avoiding medication (except his heart medication - I don't think fresh green veg is necessarily a good substitute for beta blockers!) My cholesterol is 'normal' without me making any effort to make it so. His cholesterol is 2.9, 1.1 below the target (this is a good thing!)

I have a feeling it might be some time before I fancy another Chinese (or any other) takeaway!

PS have bought an ebook of Chinese takeaway recipes but I cant open it. Would any one else like an emailed copy to try? Giving away copies is apparently included in the price I paid.


  1. thats the problem with home cooking - the more you cook yourself, the more recipes you conquer etc, the more you lose the enjoyment of 'fast food' etc. still thats a good thing.

  2. Hi Lizzie. I too suffer from migraines and severe headaches,sometimes every day for weeks on end. I was taking painkillers like sweets! Then I read about 'rebound headaches' caused by side effects of pain relief and stopped taking them. I went through a month of agony but came out the other side feeling so 'light-headed'. I still get migraines occasionally but I think they are perhaps linked to low blood sugar. No more paracetamol for me!

  3. Hi Lizzie,
    Just a reminder that a lot of Chinese food contains MSG as a seasoning,which can cause headaches & dehydration. It is in a lot of chinese sauces & seasonings used in the take away industry.
    How do I know this? I was married to a chinese fella whose father was in the business.
    So enjoy your chinese but drink plenty of water with it

    Hereford uk

  4. Hi CIG
    If I could find a recipe for Mcd sausage then I would never wander again!
    Chris, Thats exactly like we were. Really feeling amazingly well now. Why do the doctors give us so much junk?
    Hi Kim, I am going to try to replicate the favourite recipes at home but without the MSG. I am already a heavy water drinker but I will be aware another time!


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