The best laid plans

I was expecting a quick indoor clean up today and then some time in the garden, with a post winter sort out. The garden is small and quite sheltered so it could be pleasantly comfy out there, even in January, if there was any Sunshine at all. However the sunshine has abandoned us and it is cold, bleak and not even slightly welcoming. Rather than fight with nature i am baling out on the garden and sneaking back indoors for the day. Once upon a time would have continued out to the garden regardless but I have learnt that adapting can be a good thing and not a sign of failure. I am no longer inclined to do something & rushing through it to get on to the next thing. have discovered how to be in the moment and it is good!

My indoor plan has been formulated! I will spend an hour or two sorting out the wardrobes, drawers and under storage in our bedroom. If there are clothes that we will never get too, I am thinking especially of the old fellas clothes from when he was a lot heaver,then they should go to the Salvation Army and be of use to someone else.

Then an hour or so of normal Saturday cleaning. I need to pop to the bank and to get some bulbs (for the cars not the garden, not so pretty but very useful). A tiny bit of shopping.

Late afternoon am setting myself up a little desk area in the alcove in the sitting room. I have a desk next to my sons desk in the conservatory but I never sit there. Its a bit noisy and something like working in a recording studio, although more accessible since the drum kit was moved! A little area in the sitting room will get more use and help me be a little more organised.

Maybe tomorrow will be sunny enough for my garden plans but if not then no problem. I have finally learnt to adapt!!!


  1. Let's hope you have some nice weather tomorrow. It started raining on my route to the sea, but seems to have brightened up a bit now, at least here in Devon.

  2. Still gloomy here and a threat of snow tommorrow!

  3. I had grand plans of sorting today but somehow managed to waste time on other things. I hope you have better luck!


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