Ikea meatballs and ice cream!

Today was the MRI scan. The week can only get better from here. I am seriously claustrophobic. The nurse told me I was a big brave girl, which leads me to believe that I wasn't at all!. It was awful but I finally did it after a few false starts. I hope I never have to do it again. I am still balancing up in my head what is worse, MRI or migraines!

Afterwards my husband took me to the new IKEA store in town (which he hates roughly as much I hate being stuck in a npisy, scary tube for 30 minutes)to make me feel better. We went for meatballs(ofcourse) and even better, we were given them for nothing. On the house, they said. How kind, they must have known I was feeling under the weather. In the store we bought a new wok and some knives. On the way home my husband bought me a container of fancy ice cream. He knows how to cheer a woman up!

I have busy days at work for the rest of this week But I also have to plan for the weekend. We are going to St Malo, in France, with the rest of the fmaily. We are on a voluntary budget because times a little tighter this year, but its not a problem, we know how to ahve fun on a budget. The whole trip only costs us aorund £50 per family group, with tokens my dad saved from the papaer. We wont use much petrol/gas as we dont drive more than 50 miles in total, the boat does the travlling not us.

We plan to take a home made picnic with us, and of course we will have some glasses of wine in evening. We will have oysters on SAturday from the market at the end of the beach. They serve them to you on a dish with lemon quarters and you sit on the sea wall to eat them, then return the tray. A dozen oysters for the price of a single oyster at home. Then lunch in a seaside cafe.

Things are definitely looking up!!!


  1. That little holiday sounds wonderful. I am glad your MRI is over and done. I hope the results help cure your headaches. It is fun to hear you talk about IKEA because we have one in Phoenix so I can relate. Usually the names of your stores sound strange because they are foreign to me. :) But I do know IKEA.

  2. I have been in IKEA in 4 countries and every one is the same, so you would be right at home here with your plate of meatballs!!! Our local supermarket is ASDA, which is part of the Wall Mart group(not that I think its anything to be proud off but I know they are from 'over there'.

  3. Have a great time Lizzie!

    Hereford uk


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