A new week

I can normally get the best out of most things but last week left me stranded. It was awful, just migraines and headaches all week. However today is the start of a new week so hopefully that is behind me now.

We started the day with a belated Valentines breakfast of smoked salmon and creme cheese on warm baguette halves. Scrummy. Surely that means it will be a better week? Then I opened my email and had a note from my friend in Crete whose husband just noticed part of our old house has fallen down in the rains! Okay, so maybe not.

I am going to be a bit more gentle on my myself today, and this week, to make sure I am not stressing myself out. Yesterday I had a couple of hours on the sofa with the cat in the middle of the day, when i would normally have been doing some thing more 'useful'! Today I am planning a trip to the shop, a charity drop, vacuum and steam clean the floors and sorting out the clean washing. Nothing too strenuous!

Hope everyone is having a good day.


  1. We all need at times to stop & smell those roses, enjoy those afternoons with the cat! As I type I'm cuddled up to mine!

  2. Smoked salmon and cream cheese! You're making my mouth water :)

  3. I hope the Crete house is ok? When will you go out there next? I do hope you migraines leave you alone too!

  4. Hi FT. Yep, Lulu is loving all the extra attention.
    Sharon, I had enough left over for work lunch today too! Spoilt! Nice to have you back,
    Hi Daizy, the new house should be okay but this could be the beggining of the end of renovation dreams for the old one. We will see.

  5. definitely hope you have a better week

  6. Hope you are feeling better! Being more gentle on yourself is a good thing.


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