Sunday, 1 February 2009

January Goals - Outcome

I read a post on 'My Life Makeover Journey' about revisiting January Goal for outcomes. My goals weren't set month by month but this prompted me to check what I was up to.

• Pay at least £20000 from debt/mortgage (Debt can only be paid off i.e. no further debt can be incurred). I have downloaded a new snowball sreadsheet which I am updating monthly and then noting the date that we will have fully repaid everything. So far I have decreased it by six months.
• Finish Crete house so that it can be rented.No progress here because of exchange rate but also state of the economy means no-one will want to rent it for a while anyway, so not a huge priority.
• Increase exercise through additional walking. Not yet because Chiropractor is still working on me but she says I will soon be able to walk for miles without problem. YaaaYY!
• Keep swim school afloat.Haven't lost any more customers so 'so far so good'.
• Take lunch to work each day unless provided at work. Most days I have taken lunch but I have decided to have lunch with a friend once a week, but a bargain basement lunch, so nothing too wild.
• 5 No spend days each week. No problem. I only go to the shops once a week and I take a list, which I stick to. I don't waste money there at all.
• Meal plan each week. No, just plain rubbish at this but all the same our food bill is not usually more than £50 per week for four of us, and two of those are teenage boys who are never full!
• Re-visit single area of expenditure each month to ensure we are getting the best deal (i.e. car insurance, mortgage cover) Success with the buildings and contents insurance in January.
• Try salsa dancing. I have found lessons and we would have started this Tuesday but the old man has work and we cant turn any customers away at the moment, so Salsa is postponed temporarily.
• Take short course in digital photography. Started last Wednesday. Not sure if I will learn anything but it is quite fun.
• Sell £500 if possessions on eBay. Hmmm, nothing yet. This has prompted me to make more effort though.
• Make salami & sausages. I got my lovely sausage maker for Christmas but haven't made any sausages yet. Checking out the Farmers Market next Sunday for meat.
• Taster ski lesson at the local Alpine centre. This will be once I am able to walk properly again. I set this when I had not known about the nerve trapped in my hip. Maybe by the autumn.

I am glad to have made this review. I am prompted to make more effort on Ebay & Amazon, and also to choose an area of expenditure to look at in detail in February.


  1. It looks like you are doing really well!

  2. I can see how encouraging it is to make a review. Keeps the focus. I'm going to work on adding that to my routine.

  3. Wow looks like you're pretty much keeping up with everything. I could definitely do with taking a leaf out of your book re: motivation and self-discipline!

  4. hi everyone
    i really find it helps to write things down and check back on myself. This is a really new thing for me. I dont normally stick at anything!


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