Planning my planting

I have been pouring over my seed catalogues for the last two weeks. Deciding what I think I can cope with in my little patch. I didn't want to go totally over the top, as I know I wont be able to keep up with everything that needs doing and it will all end in chaotic failure. On the other hand I don't want to be ill prepared if it turns out that I can organise my self in my garden (with my trusty diary for assistance of course - I cant organise my way out of a paper bag without that.)

There were a few bit of guidance form the main 'eaters' in the house.

1)Old man eats chili peppers every day - However many I can grow, it wont be too many.
2)No-one like cherry tomatoes, they like their tomatoes big and tasty.
3)Cucumbers should be small and have smoothish skin but not require a greenhouse (because I haven't got one).
4)We eat more salads then other veg so it makes sense to concentrate in the 'salady' area.
5)We love garlic, more the better (so naturally, we have no friends or at least only friends with blocked noses)s for fun.
6)We like lots of parsley in some salads and other dishes. Also not possible to grow too much of it.
7)We like to try new things too so chuck in a couple of new things.
8)We don't have much space so no point to grow things we are not mad about.

By tomorrow I should have ordered and be ready to share my plans.

I love being out doors and pottering about and I love eating so this should be the perfect hobby for me!!


  1. I love seed catalogues and planning the garden. I always fail miserably in the end but I love the planning part and looking at the glossy photos of what the vegetables are supposed to look like. I'm going to try again this year even though whatever I grow is doomed! Sounds like you have better luck.

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  3. We have our seed bought too and am waiting to start.

    We are going to stick with conventional stuff this year (tomatoes, cucumber, string beans, lettuce, herbs, peppers).

    Last year we had a community plot and tried parsnips, turnips, corn, spinach but not to great success.

  4. We love our garlic too and use it in just about everything. I've never tried growing it though. Do let us know how you get on with it :)

  5. Hi Daizy, me too but this year is going tobe different, honest!
    Hi Caren
    Thank you for your comment. I am happy to have links on my site if they are going to be useful and helpful to anyone reading but not if they are just advertising.
    Hi Middle Way, shall with have a three way competition with Daizy, see if we can produce anything?
    Hi Sharon, We grew enough garlic last year and the year before to not buy any. Its easy to grow. Plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest my sister says. We are all stinky!!!


  6. I'm just starting a vegetable garden for the very first time. At this stage I'm really not sure what we are doing! We have our area cleared and ready, so I guess the next thing is to buy seeds and plant them. Is that all there is to it? Am I completely naive? Oh, I'm such a city slicker! :)

  7. It's more fun when we do it together! I cannot promise that I and others won't starve waiting for my vegetables to come but I'll definately let you know when I get first buds! I bet our mutual support system will help our plants!

  8. Hi, Living my rich life. Check out for planting.Rhonda knows pretty much everything !

    Middle way, lets try blogging our success, even if it is keeping a plant alive to start with!


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