Planting Plans - the conclusion

I have decided on a my planting plans for the year.

A small herb garden. Basil, Parsley (and lots of it)and Oregano, from seed.
Sage and mint from offcuts from my dad.
I actually already have some pots of parsley, mint and basil n the go but I will need more.

Fruit orchard. Cherry tree & cooking apple tree. Blackcurrant & gooseberry bushes. Kiwi vine. Already in place but I must learn to maximise the crop (or at least aim to get some crop!). I am to plant an almond tree and possibly a fig. Also a rhubarb crown from my dad or my sister.

Vegetable patch. Aubergine (violeta de firenze), tomato (cuore di bue), cucumber (pasandra), garlic (sultop), radish (china rose winter), beetroot (cylindra), chillies (red cherry hot and georgia flame, maybe others), lettuce (tom thumb), watercress aqua, potatoes (three types but not sure which ones yet.)

I intend to spend some time with a gardening encyclopedia and my diary so that i know when to plant, when to plant on, when to feed etc. I am always pretty good at the actual planting and I got good crops of the things which need no further action, like the garlic and runner beans, but things which need additional feeding to produce have gone a bit hungry in the past.


  1. This sounds really well planned!

    I look forward to watching your progress!

  2. I'm just getting into my planning too. I have even gone so far as to devise a crop rotation system between the beds! I already have Spring cabbages, and trying out very early carrots, planted garlic and onions and have broad beans. Next will be the summer veg!

  3. I have never eaten gooseberries or currants. I live a sheltered life:) Sounds like it will be a great garden.

  4. I hope you arent expecting too much of me. My garden is about the same size as my sitting room! Lots of pots and troughs are to be utilized. HOwever had to pay £1.28 for a single cucumber today, and it tasted of nothing, so I have to proceed.


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