Thoroughly recommended

I am thoroughly recommending taking a little weekend break, as we just have, for anyone is who thinks winter just goes on too long or just a little stressy at the moment. This little trip worked for us.

Overnight on Friday to St Malo, all day in the town and surrounding area. We had coffee and breakfast in the wall town in the morning and a nice walk around the ramparts. Then we drove off to the local supermarket to stock up on things we cant get at home (like mutton sausages and seriously stinky cheese, then to another little seaside town for a long long lunch. Back to St Malo for a stroll along the beach. Loads of people were playing with kites and dogs on the beach, pretty good for February. Then we walked around the fair for an hour or so. Back on board we had a nice dinner together before turning in for the night. Overnight sleep back to England.
It feels like we were away for days. The cabins were really nice and had superb showers. There was a choice of restaurants and bars on board and really good live entertainment. It worked out well for us because
1)It was a bargain!
2)We only live 15 miles from the port in England, so getting there was easy.
3)We all get on well together & we know how the team dynamics work for us. We have never had an argument so I don’t think we are likely to start now.

Thinking about it, these three things are what make any short break relaxing and do-able.
It needs to be affordable (not necessarily a bargain but within your budget. Convenient to carry out. Trekking the Amazon is not generally suitable for a quick weekend break (unless you already live on the Amazon).
You need good company, which can be no company if you are happy alone but don’t waste your weekend with people that drive you nuts.

No I know the rules I might start looking around for our next little jaunt.


  1. You are so fortunate to be able to just hop over to France easily! :)


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