Creative Cookery

I normally buy grocery shopping weekly but didn't buy last week as we were away at the weekend. This week we are going to try to be a little more creative with what we have around the house, so that we don't need to buy for a few more days. Of course the cupboard and freezer are full of food, so this shouldn't actually be hard but all the same, it is something new to try.

Today's Dinner
Almost fish less fish pie
Yesterday I made potato dauphinoise, but with milk instead of cream. It was acceptable rather than especially tasty. Today it had a new lease of life.
I also used up the last of the smoked salmon from the valentines breakfast.
The main flavour provider - I made a stock by boiling the leftover head & skins from some prawns we bought in France and ate on Sunday night.

I heated a little butter in the pan and sauteed the salmon. Then i stirred in the potato mixture. Lastly I topped it up with the prawn stock (drained of course!).

The house smells a bit (or so everyone says as they come in the door) but the food was delicious and a good use of leftovers.


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