Tuesday, 24 March 2009


G) Green - used to be just one of my favourite colours (with blue), now its more of a lifestyles choice, a plan for the future.

H) Happy - I am, almost always, unless someone makes me unhappy (like by dying). Don't underrate it. If you can make the choice to be happy & not to let people make you unhappy then life is your prize. I am easily the happiest person I know & Its not that I have had a particularly sheltered life, I just decided that I was going to be, and on the whole I am. This is actually just as well as my husband is grumpy and miserable unless actually made to be happy.

I) Maybe a bit more of other people and a little less of I helps me with H

J) My baby, nicknamed Jim Bob, an irritating bundle of argumentative energy, cute and adorable, loved by all (well most), I am sure he is barrister material as he has an answer for everything.

K) Knitting - I am trying. I really am. My knuckles hurt but slowly I progress. I cant imagine being able to knit without looking!

L) Lavender & Lulu - I love lavender and will have all different sorts in my perfumed garden in the Crete house. Lulu is my big fat girl cat, now my only cat. She is getting on a bit but always mummies girl. When she leaves me then my happiness will take a little break.

M) Mama - something I never really wanted to be, I didn't even like kids, but somehow I am and its the best thing ever. I would really walk over glass for them, or fire or whatever it is. I also like to see myself in them and like the way a similar sense of humour has moved through to the next generation. My eldest son makes me laugh until my tummy aches.

N)Nuts! well you have to be, dont you?


  1. Going well - and in record time compared to mine, lol!

  2. You leave beautiful notes... Love 'I' and Lulu. :)


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