Monday, 23 March 2009

Praise for the government

No,don't shoot me down, or shout me down.

A few weeks back I said how easy it was to do my husbands taxes on line. As you submit information the irrelevant portion of the tax return disappear & it does the calculation for you as you go. By the end you have a figure to pay, or be refunded, and they accept debit card payment. My husband had a small refund to come and it arrived within a few days.

Today I had to tax my car so I thought I would give that a go. I have used this method before but it useful if you don't lose the reminder which they send through, or else it becomes slightly more complicated. So I went to the website detailed on the renewal reminder. Filled in my reference, ticked a few boxes admitting I was responsible for my car, another couple saying it was okay to check on my MOT & insurance status & then fill in my debit card number. All over in 2 minutes, no searching missing MOT certificates or duplicate insurance certificates (often needing repurchase in my less organised past). Plus they entered me in a free draw to win a seat ecosomething or other car. IN fact for saying nice things about them I should get an extra chance.

I did look at the new job centre website this week, also part of the governments 'direct' web empire. Its dreadful, not a patch of the previous version for search facilities. Hopefully the web designer will be getting to that area next.


  1. I think the internet is a wonderful thing ( i work online so i'm bound too! ) It makes life sooo much easier. I just moved to a house in the middle of nowhere and i even do my grocery shopping online now!

  2. I agree with you that the online car tax thing is a great improvement. Somewhat necessary, however, as there aren't going to be any Post Offices left soon. And a couple of decent websites doesn't really make up for the current state of the nation, in my book. Sorry Lizzie x

  3. Its true. I could only think of two good things!


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