First day in the garden

Hes back! I don't think he slept the entire time he was away as he slept from midday and 7pm yesterday on the sofa, popped down to see my parents for a couple of hours and then slept again, this time in bed, where he is still snoring now! He does love his bed.

I have loads, literally loads, of laundry but the day is bright and sunny which means hanging washing in the line. Lovely, there is nothing quite like it. Also some time for pottering in the garden as I had a bit of a cleaning session on Friday evening, so the house already looks quite acceptable. I will o out for an hour later to put LPG in the car and check out the condemned food counter at Tesco but other its a home, home, home day.

I wonder if my sweetheart will be waking up to join me at any point!