Re-provisioning the attic

I have a plan. My attic (and its contents) is starting to look less overwhleimg than it was for a while there. NOt sure how much longer it is going to take but I am getting there.

The plan is to get rid of the rest of the superfluous stuff (yep, thats what is taking the time). Then we board out the , fit a new ladder and maybe a window. This can be our storage area for picnic gear, camping equipment, suitcases & all the other bits and bobs you need but you dont need under your feet all of the time. They are already in the attic, you just cant see them because of the junk! There should be room for stockpiling bulk buys and maybe even drying washing. What a dream area.

My husband has always avoided boarding the attic as he think I will keep even more up there if he does, so I may have to prove myself before I finally get a floor, but I haves a plan and that's a start.


  1. A place for bulk items, a window and a place to dry laundry! It sounds like it will be a very useful place indeed!


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