How d'it go???

I spent more time than I really wanted at, on the way to, or on the way from A&E. My friends son thought his foot was broken ( it wasn't).

I did get a few things done but not many. However tomorrow is another day.

Ring my husband and make sure everything is going okay. Tried but couldn't get through. He ran me this evening and sounded very stressed. Poor love.
Quick swish around the bathroom.
Maybe pop to the new IKEA store in town for meatballs for lunch. Wipe down kitchen.
Unstack and re: stack dishwasher.
Empty all the bins etc
Clear out the bottom of my wardrobe. It is a sea of shoes and bags. I can do better.
Drop cheques into the bank.
Visit Mum & Dad this evening. Pretty sure my sister and her husband will be there too.

Actually I did more than I thought now I see it all written down. I cant believe how much writing this blog focused my mind.

So tomorrow;- a bit of cleaning, some sewing, lunch at my parents (my mum always invites the strays to Sunday lunch),plant the basil and ginger if I can get to the shop,maybe some extreme shopping if I can face the early shift at Tesco, mystery dine, another charity drop! I love weekends.


  1. Popping into IKEA would be fatal for me. I'm one of those people who ALWAYS has to have a quick look around the small items and textiles section and there's just too much temptation there.

    Sharon xx

  2. Yep, we went all around the marketplace, took hours. We did at least avoid traipsing the furniture trail. and those meatballs were good!
    Hope you are doing okay


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