I've beent tagged - A to Z part 1

Kadeeae tagged me to take part in Snippets Alphabet Challenge

A) Agia Galini, southern Crete. Where I met my husband, when I was a waitress that ran away form rainy England in an early Shirley Valentine moment, and he was a fisherman.

B) Boats, like trains, just amazing. I don't fancy a cruise but boats to travel would be wonderful. Slow boats to China, and back again, a dream.

C) Custard. Proper custard, yes Birds, surely that's the only proper custard. A winter treat is a cup of custard each in the evenings to keep us warm.

D) Drying washing on the line - unbeatable smell to the clean laundry & a warm virtuous glow for not wasting electricity with the dryer.

E) Elephants - so cool. A safari is on my long term 'to do ' list.

F) Frying, or more especially stir frying. The ultimate way to get unlimited healthy veggies into the kids.

Phew, I am exhausted. Part 2 soon.


  1. Ahh, and so it's begun. lol

    Definitely agree with 'D' - nothing like slipping between sheets that have been line dried...bliss!

  2. How fascinating your answers are! I love that Shirley Valentine movie and have many mindful fascinations of running away to a foreign land by myself...lol! It's a bit of satisfaction when things get hectic.

    I look forward to the rest of your Snippets. :)


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