Ads or no ads?

I cant decide. It is a sensible step toward financial freedom or a cop out to have ads? I think I am coming down on the side of ads but only for thing I use or o which I approve.
Any thoughts?
Sorry fro two posts in one night (in ten minutes???) but I thought of this too late to include.



  1. If you make money on the ads then keep them. I can't seem to figure out how to make money with mine so I keep them around as a sort of lottery thing. Maybe someday someone will click them and send money my way.

  2. Hello Lizzie
    As Daizy said, its like a lottery hoping someone will click on them and make you some money

    This might sound weird (and don't take this personally) but to me they are a bit like wallpaper - its there but I don't take much notice of the pattern.
    They appear on the side of blogs but I would rarely look to see what they are about. All I'm interested is what the blogger has to say lol

    Look forward to the rest of your A-Z ........learning more about you each day.
    Take care

  3. I don't see where a few would be any big deal, just not like some sites where there are things flashing and bouncing all over the place, lol!

    If you can make a bit here and there, keep 'em! We all come for the content anyway :-)

  4. Okay, I am giving it a go based on your advice!!!

    (all fair in love & paying off mortgages)


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