New Sunday Hobby 2

Okay, enough shopping for one day but...I decided to make cake this afternoon by special request. I popped across to my neighbour to pick up a dozen eggs and noticed she had a big box of vegetables for sale. She often sells her own excess veg but this wasn't hers. For a start the aubergine was in a bag! So I decided to spend another £4 and get;

A savoy cabbage
Large head of broccoli
2.5kg baking potatoes
2 parsnips
2 leeks
2lb carrot
1 swede
1lb mushrooms
1lb tomatoes
A large Spanish onion
A large yellow pepper
AN Aubergine

A couple of cucumber would have been nice but otherwise we are set for the week (and then some) now. I must try to keep an eye on the egg stall as I am passing each day. I dont want to miss these bargains.