Sunday, 1 March 2009

New Sunday Hobby

My husband got his shampoo swiped in the swimming pool this week (his own fault but i tried not to say so)so I had to pop into the town to buy him so more this morning, He uses a pretty good shampoo because being a swimming teacher he has to wash his hair several times a day sometimes, or smell of chlorine all the time, so its quite expensive, hence i didn't have any in stock at home. I found it on offer for buy shampoo and get conditioner free. I bought all that they had and saved £10.47.

I don't normally go to the shops but as I was there anyway I popped into Tesco to view the 'condemned food' counter. Rather strangely I decided to put it all into a spreadsheet to check my savings.


2 Not butter - Save £1.20
4 Steak slices - Save £3.20
2 5x pepperoni sticks - Save £2.36
2 Stewing lamb - Save £5.66
2 Chicken Legs (packs)- Save £1.80
6 Turkey Steaks - Save £4.74
3 Shampoo & conditioner sets - Save £13.47
2 Beef Mince - Save £1.98
2 Casserole steak - Save £2.82
1 Cream - Save £ 0.80

Total Saving £38.03. My freezer is looking pretty ful too. I think I might make a habit of sparing 30 minutes on a Sunday morning for this.


  1. I have two very full freezers and then yesterday had a panic as we had a power cut. Luckily it came on after a couple of hours but I was seriously thinking about sending Simon out to buy a generator!

    Rosie x

  2. If the freezer is pretty full then you are supposed to be okay for 48 hours if you dont open the door but all the same, a bit scary. Maybe the biggest barbecue in the neighbourhood???


  3. I'd heard 48 hours too and they are full - but still a panicky time.

    Rosie x


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