Snuggling down with Michael Palin tonight

I still have my cold and sore throat so today was a gentle day but very enjoyable as well. My eldest son was taking us out to lunch for mothers day but as I still have a cold and cant actually taste anything we decided to postpone until next weekend. I am happy, I love anticipation so having another week to look forward to it is fine.

So I had time for some domestic pottering. My husband made some creamy vegetable soup for me yesterday. There was plenty left so I froze two portions in my new flashy freezer bags. I made a big bowl of tuna pasta, cooked a cherry pie, some s and bobs of cooking and generally filled the freezer up a bit. We will have a barbecue for dinner tomorrow so I boiled a lot of little potatoes for a salad with it.

In the sun of the afternoon we sat for a while in the garden; I love the first sunny days of the year. I appreciate the sun much more now than I do later in the year. We took the opportunity to do some sewing! Actually we used fishing line and a darning needle to mend the garden chairs. We managed to fix two before fingers became too sore. One more to go. I like it when I can save some cash, mend something which other might send to the dump and also get to sit about in the sun!!

We also remembered to take the kitchen light fitting to pieces and wash it. I don't notice the getting darker and darker until I realise there is only one bulb still working and the shades are covered in yuck. Now we are properly illuminated everything in the kitchen looks different again.I should take more notice of these thing. I blame it on being short and also needing glasses!

Now we are settling down for the evneing watching Michael Palin on his wanders around the SAhara. We are appreciating the luxury of our confortable house for sure.