More alphabites

O) Oranges and orange juice. Sunshine in a glass. If there was ever a fruit that made you happy this would be it. I would rather drink fruit juice than pretty much anything else and oranges are right at the top of that list. I do limit myself though as I don't feel I would ever naturally 'get enough'.

P) Pineapple - see above - worth walking across fire for.

Q)Quality - somethings you can economise on, somethings not. I buy somewhere top of the range for loo roll and mayonnaise, much other things I am happy to 'fly economy' on.

R)Rubbish - I hate throwing away something which has a use. If I can re-use it without re-using it as something useless, if you see what I mean, then I will but if not it goes to charity or free cycle. Failing that I take it to the dump, which is this area at least is the country re-cycling facility. I am pretty sure most of it is recycled as we have to sort it into different skips. Only when all else has failed does it go in the bin.

S) Sunshine - make me smile and adds a bit of bounce to my step. I appreciate the sunshine all yer round as I love to be outdoors but i especially appreciate the early sunshiny days of the year.

T)Towels. Fluffy and plentiful for an indulgence which isn't at all wasteful.

U) Unicycle. I had others but wouldn't it be great to ride one of these. And to juggle. I love watching people juggle, especially peole I already know and don't know they have this talent. I am jealous.

V) Vacation, holiday, break, annual leave, whatever the name time to spend with the family in the sun (or not if you live near us). Like having a little bit of retirement early.

W) Women - Having it all or just doing it all? At 46 I might be part of the first generation of women that doesn't feel that they have to fight especially hard in the workplace. I have equality with my peers & I am not grateful, that is just how it should be. I am grateful to those that went before to make this possible for me. I also like that I have had the chance of a career which I will walk away from early to enjoy the next phase of my life.

X)XXX - Vin Diesel film. Lively fun in the Czech republic. As a mother of boys I only see action films and I am used ot it. No chic flicks for me. Action all the way and not too much actual thinking either.

Y) Young - I wouldn't mind being physically young again, without aches and pains, but I wouldn't give up everything I have learned in the last 46 years and go back to actually being young again. Just much, much too difficult. I wonder why we don't come with more pre programming already included!

Z) Zebra - Horse in pyjamas, what else could I choose.

I have really enjoyed my stroll through the alphabet, I am feeling a bit spoilt and self indulgent now!!!


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