Instant Gratification - total washout?

IN the conventional sense of course it really is for us simple folk but I happened across a website at lunch time with a totally different slant on the whole thing. It wasn't one of my usual reads and I cant find it again but if I do then I will post a link back. Basically it goes like this....

Once upon a time if you wanted to be sure that you could read a particular book, listen to a particular piece of music, watch a particular film then you had to plan ahead and buy it or maybe rent it, but even if you rented it then you might be inclined to buy it and add to your collection if you really liked it...

Is that still the case? Well what is the point? Unless you are fairly wrapped up in material possessions then there isn't a lot of point. My kids seem to be able to legally download free TV programs than I would need to buy as part of a satellite package or on a DVD. Even I understand how to buy or rent a DVD when I want it. I can order book today and it would delivered by Saturday. Not really necessary to fill your shelves with books and films & so on when they are everywhere ore the taking at any point.

I have to admit though to owning way, way too many books and a few too many films. Now that I have them is it a help to anyone to get rid of them?


  1. It is a help to your sagging bookshelves :p Perhaps if we could fill our walls with books they could insulate our houses. Then they would be practical and we could get at them when we wanted (if we put a door in the wall). Ok, strange suggestion but I am trying to find a reason to keep my books.

  2. I've decided that I'm going to get rid of a number of things I've collected over the years. Some of my DVDs, books and other bits and pieces are going to go and I'll just keep the best ones.

    My CDs on the other hand, are all going to be kept :)


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