Still Sunday smiling

The sunshine really does have an effect on me. My washing is all washed & dried, dishwasher emptied and starting to refill.

I made food for the next few days; tuna pasta salad & coronation chicken pasta salad, a small paella, stir fry for today, a macaroni cheese, a couple of small pizzas. Sounds like loads but two meals a day for two adults and two teen aged boys, it will be gone by Wednesday. I like it much better when we all sat at the table to eat together but its not possible with the hours were currently keep. We only all meet up on a Sunday!

I planted up a few pots for the garden. It is starting to look pretty good out there.

I cleared out a couple of cupboard and made myself a new place for preserves, pickles and homemade drinks (sloe gin etc) and also to store glass jars.

I made a bag up for the charity shop. Not to much this time but a few plastic aprons. I think they were gifts to me many years ago but they are too heavy and hang on my neck, so its time to go. A water filter for a jug (I have a filter in the fridge),some ink cartridges for a printer I don't have. All useful things but not so useful to me.

I like a Sunday night summing up. Feels like my ducks are in a row for work tommorrow.

Nighty night.


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect Sunday. Now if you'd like... you can cook all that wonderful food at my house. I am sure that my teenagers will eat it all up, too! :)

    Glad to see the sun is having a wonderful effect on you!

  2. Glad to hear you are Smiling! :)

  3. The sun definitely has a positive effect on me. I have a problem with vitamin D so I need to get 20 minutes of sunshine a day really to keep it topped up. Over the last couple of weeks I've been able to get it and yesterday it really started to pay off. I got more done in one day than I have in a week before (or even a month if we got back to Jan/Feb). It felt soooooo good. Let's hope the sun's soon back and shining down on us :)

  4. No problem Christine, I will email you some food over for them!

    Middle Way & Sharon, I cant overestimate the power of the sun. It is wonderful. Today is wet but no complaints as we were allowed sunshine for the weekend!



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