Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Positive thinking

I have been swamped by my own negativity these last few weeks but I am making a determined effort to get back to normal now. I am starting with a summing up of good things to get me in a better frame of mind & balance out all the the negatives in my 'getting it out of my system' post.

We live in a lovely little house on the edge of a town. Feels like countryside but is only a mile to the shops. We are closer to finishing the work here than we ever have been before. The garden looks almost normal again now not the bomb site it appeared when the extension was being built.

Despite being self employed both husband and son seem to have plenty of work. In fact my sons works harder than I would have ever thought possible when he was a bone idle student (college was not for him). We have new students at the swim school and we can afford to keep going. My other son has not yet been kicked out of college!!

I have a job which I enjoy and for which I am very well paid. I like my boss and enjoy working for him. My staff are all lovely and hard working & I don't think too many people have the chance to say such a thing.

My brother in law's family in Syria has a good, hardworking son who will be able to look after his mother and little sister once he finishes his national service (to make up for the pointless excuse for an older brother he has who would indeed allow them to starve and hasn't worked a day yet despite being almost 23.

My chiropractor worked me over on Tuesday and everything still hurts too much to be too positive however I feel I am suffering here for the greater good and my back can only improve! Still nothing form the neurosurgeon except an admonition not to worry.

At least I can knit even if it is only a row at a time. Plenty of people cant even do that.

I was lucky enough to have 15 years with a cat that I am pretty certain could read my mind (if anyone else said such a thing i would think they were nuts of course)& her equally adorable younger brother. They were great and I am glad we had them. Now we have a noisy cockatiel who can come out of his cage more often without fear of cats jaws around his feathery bum.

My husbands GP phoned up yesterday and went through his plans for husbands future health. Lot of tests, new medication regime etc to make sure I get a fit healthy grumpy bloke about the place. Already celebrating that my (not kicked out of college yet) son passed his life guarding exams and with wants to go swimming with mum and Auntie & Uncle once a week. Is this a real 17 year old???

I found and fixed the E key on my laptop.

I got paid $20 for an article about credit cards (thank you to all those that said I should cash in on adverts). It was pay pal so I spent it on micro fibre pads for my floor steam (very rock and roll).

The youtube footage of Susan Boyles performance on Britains Got Talent makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Wow!


  1. It does seem so easy sometimes (or a lot of the time, here) to get stuck on the bad things that are happening . . . .

    A friend told me long ago that when you're going through a time like that, sit down and take 10 minutes to find (and sometimes in a 'down' sort of mindframe you do have to look hard) 10 things to be happy and/or grateful for. Really what you've done here :-)

    It has helped me many times, there are just SO many people in the world so very much worse off than I - and for many different reasons. So, good on you for finding the courage to see the good things in your life.

    Still, doesn't mean we can't have the occasional moan!

  2. Hi Kadeeae
    I dont like to be negative too much as i think it does turn into a habit but sometimes a good maon makes you feel better! I am going to try your friends idea a few times i think until I am back to normal.
    Thank you

  3. Turning the bad around and looking from a different perspective does have a positive affect sometimes. At least the bad doesn't seem AS bad as it did. I'm glad that you still have many good things in your life and things to look forward to. Best of luck! :)


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