Friday night - Home alone

Friday night. One son hasn't come home from work yet - I suspect the pub has called to him. The other son is at a mates house, the old bloke is off playing poker. I can do whatever I want all evening!!!

What have I come up with? I am watching series 1 of Bones(boxed DVD set). Eating warmed up left overs (yummy). Getting up to date with all my bill etc, sorting my outstanding paperwork between action and filing & updating a budget for this month. Making plans for tomorrow.

We had an electrician working on the house today. Getting ready to join the electrics from the extension to the original house, some extra sockets in the old house and a new consumer unit(???)in the main house. This has meant lot of shelves and hanging spaces have been turfed out. I will sort through all this stuff before I return it to it's place. The electrician will finish tomorrow and then the old man will fill in all of the plaster work. After that I can return things to normal.

I also have some little tomatoes seedlings to plant. Otherwise it is just cleaning and cooking. ON top of meal cooking I plan to make some marmalade and maybe some bread.

I should have a big bundle of clothes and other goodies for the charity shop. My mum is happy to have some large terracotta pots from me too. Slowly I progress. The house is so much easier and more pleasant to clean as the renovation progresses and the house slowly empties.

Sounds like a good day to me.


  1. I just started watching Bones this season. It's pretty good. i will be sorting my stuff again this weekend too. Very very slow going.


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