Well what a week that was.....

I have been reading blogs at work this week so I haven't been able to comment (no comment facility with web sense switched on). I am hoping to get back to normal next week.

IN the meantime, catch up with my weird and wonderful week!

On Monday I woke up with a migraine, but for the first time ever I am looking back at this and glad of it. There was a really weird smell in the house but we couldn't pin it down and eventually decided it was from the building work that next door are having done. My youngest son waited for his father to be ready to give him a lift to the station on his way to work, as I wasn't well enough to drive. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a little wisp of smoke coming from the sofa. Closer inspection found a small electric lamp burning its way into the sofa. It was on the edge of the sofa and fell down between the cushions. It was plugged in in error & was smouldering away for 14 hours before we noticed it. If the fumes had not given me a migraine then we would have ll left the house by 8am and I am pretty sure the house would have burned down before we got back (as happened to the house across the road last July).

THe CO alarm didnt go off as the batteries were not quite in correctly - we know how to test this now!

If this had happened to my son in his bedroom then he wouldnt have suffocated, a small room with door and windows all closed. As it was everyone just had a headache all day.

So many things that could have gone badly wrong this week have turned out not so wrong at all.

Finally the results from my MRI are avilable. I havnt actually had them yet but I have been told by the consultants secretary that I do not have the malignant growth that was suspected.

As far as I am concerned it is a good week by anyones standards. I really love life!


  1. How frightening! So glad to hear the tragedy was avoided. Yay for your headache!

  2. So many bad things that could have been. I am one lucky bunny!!

  3. You are truly one lucky bunny! It really must help you appreciate life, after getting over the shock!

  4. I would definitely say so. Thank goodness!

  5. Thank goodness your son spotted this!

    Glad you're all ok :)


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