If I was a shopper

I had a Lakeland catalogue through the post this morning. I love Lakeland.
If I was a shopper there are loads of things I could happily accomodate.

Check these out

Front cover of the catalogue showing a bouquet of washing up brushes.

One of the brushes close-up.

Its not that clear but this door stop is knitted with aran wool. Got to be a pattern out there somewhere to make these for Christmas pressies.

and the baah lamb version

My family wouldn't walk along the road with me but how cool is this???

Total cost would have been just under £100. I will stick with my virtual shopping for today.


  1. Cute ideas! Virtual shopping is so much cheaper than regular shopping, unless it makes you go buy the real thing!

  2. Nope, no temptation. The only thing I wondered if whether I was make the knitted cow myself! It's a bit twee though and would only get dirty & be hard to clean so not much of a temptation.


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