Sunday, 24 May 2009

Olive Oil Soap

I have finally advertised my first bar of the lovely olive oil soap on ebay. I have an excuse honest, I have been busy (bad excuse, I have had plenty of time, I know). Also the soap improved with storage so it should be better now than when I first received it! If it sells then my sister-in-law will send me more. Photographs dont do it justice but my photgraphic sjills didnt actually improve much with the college course I attended last term. Sigh!

I have also managed to link my ebay ad to the blog ! This is easily the most sophisticated thing I have ever managed to do with the blog!

I have also been reading up about my beautiful soap.

Stacked Soap - curing prior to shipping out.

Aleppo soap was the first hard soap ever made. Small scale production methods and ingredients have not changed since the 8th Century, family secrets are kept. There are no artificial substabces, colouring, frangrances, preservatives or other artifical substacnes added. The product is 100% natural. Even today most of the processes are carried out my hand.

The Suq - original shopping mall from the time of the Crusaders, still in daily use.

More soap stacks - simple but truly beautiful.


  1. I agree ~ those stacks look beautiful. I'm tempted to go looking for you on ebay, but I'm on the wrong ebay (ie not uk)so may not be able to find you. What's you ebay id?

  2. Hello Lizzie
    Good luck with you ebay sales, hope you manage to sell lots and lots.
    It sounds so good I might even have bought some from you if postage wasn't so expensive to send out to Aus:(
    How tall ARE those stacks of soap, they look huge. You wouldn't want to knock one over would you lol
    Take care

  3. Clicked your link after rereading your entry & it looks good. I can't do anything at the moment, but could you relist & repost closer to August 31st & Mother's Day next year & I'll try to work out how to pay you & get it delivered to my mother (PayPal hates that as I'm in Ireland & Mum's in England! Maybe I could get some sent to my eldest, who's in Cardiff & then collect it when I take her younger sister over for a stay... Going to go away & think about this

  4. Hi Killi, glad my link works okay, thanks for testing. I am happy to send you one for a free trial if you like. Then you can tell me if it is as good as I think it is.

    Hi Cathy
    I did that in the supermarket once with tins of peaches. Lucky for me my uncle was the manager so i got away with it! Would you like a free trial bar too. I think its excellent for your skin, but I would like a few more opinions.

  5. I would love to try it out ~ I use handmade soap for washing my hair as well as me & the shop I got the soap from no longer sells the apple soap. Your soap looks excellent value, pity the postage is so high over here ~ that's why I think my buying it from you & then picking it up from daughter, or getting parents to bring it over on their visits (besides presents for Mum) would make life easier

  6. Oh, I just realized the picture is the ebay link. lol. The soap sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, the shipping would be too high. Have you tried posting on (I believe it is worldwide).

    Or maybe opening another website to where you can add paypal shopping cart links. Oh, just ideas. Olive Oil Soap... just sounds healthy and good to use.

    btw, if you delete the moneyfunk url in your "blogs you follow" and re-add it... you will get current feeds again. ;)

  7. Hi Lizzie,
    I've ordered some of your lovely sounding soap to try as everty thing else I try leaves my skin feeling really itchy. Love the photo's of the soap towers.Perhaps you could put some of the pictures & info in your Ebay ad.
    By the way,I've bought the cow doorstop from Lakeland for my new house.

    Hereford uk

  8. Hi Lizzie!

    Congratulations with getting your online business going! That is so exciting!

    I have never seen soap stacked up like that. It is so beautiful!

    I am going to check out your site.

  9. Hi Christine
    I will check out Etsy, thank you. Also going to update the moneyfunk connection, I seem to have come unravelled!
    Hi Kim
    I hope you like the soap. I think its great but I am waiting to see other people views. I certainly dont need any face cream thats for sure. Is the cow as cute as he looked?
    Hi Middle Way
    Thank you. Fingers crossed.

    Now I am worrying that no-one actually likes the soap when they get it! I am not cut out for business!!!

  10. Lizzie,
    the Highland Cow Doorstop is even cutter in reality than the picture.



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