Tomorrows chore list

Collect Parcel (new phone fro eldest son - £5 from eBay)
Pay in eldest sons cheque to bank
£ shop visit - buy toothpaste and crisps
Finish laundry and put away
Payy 2 bills
Plant carrotts, betroot, lettuce and herbs
Re-organise the freezer to accomodate extra food from mum until her new freezer arrives
Clean up the kids rooms a bit (waiting for them is just never worth it)
Advertise goodies on ebay
Catch up with filing
Buy wall tiles and light fitting for guest bathroom

My life is so wild and exciting!!!


  1. Haha! Looks a lot like my weekend. I love lists! :)

  2. Me too. I love crossing the compelted tasks off. I enjoy my chores too. Is that weird???

  3. I don't know. I seem to enjoy avoiding my chores. Is that weird?


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