Whats going on around here....

The garden is starting to look really good. It has recovered from the building work finally. There is a little more stil to go to the dump but the really is looking pretty good. There are little tiny cherries on the tree and blossom on the cooking apple tree. Some of the pots are planted up with plants and little trees. The weekend I plan to plant a few more pots this weekend, maybe of beetroot and carrot & some more herbs. The seedlings are coming along too. Fifteen or more little tomoator seedling & the heads of little cucmbers plants are popping out of the compost.

The guest bathroom progresses. I will take photos this weekend to show off my little glass mosaic tiles.

After the bathroom is finished then i get my larder & then my lovely kitchen but I dont rush anywhere, we progress daily so that is enough.

We are ten days fromt he arrival of the auditors at work so I am quite pleased to be still doing anything at home!!