I love marmalade. I have it on my toast maybe two mornings each week. One of those is at my parents house so I have to supply them as well, unless I want shop bought marmie on my Friday toast.

Saturday was marmalade day.

Lovely orage mush prior to the addition of killer quantities of sugar.

4lbs of sugar. Just as well it takes me two years to eat a batch

15 minutes of rapid boiling and dicing with death each time I stirred and the boiling sugar chased up the sppon at me.

Testing for set as well as taste

Crammed with yummy orange bits and surprisingly un sweet.

Clean & shiny recycled jars

Half filled jars. SLowly at first so that they dont crack with the heat.

Ready to reful the cupbaord


  1. Neat! I have never seen marmalade made before.

  2. Actually I know the answer to the 'do you have it ' questons now. I checked wikipedia. You have it but it is sweet instad of bitter. Who knew marmalade could be educational!

  3. Wow, that simple. Is it the acidity of the orange that it doesn't go bad without additives?

    Looks delicious! Great job.

  4. I think it might be the sugar sadly, just like jam. I cant beleive it has so much sugar in it as it is sharp and bitter rather than sweet.



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