Saturday, 27 June 2009

Day off

Yeah, we are having a day off, together.

My husband was allowed home from hospital yesterday. We had already cancelled his weekend lessons.

I had a ridiculously busy week. Another one is coming next week but after that we start to return to normal. SO a couple of days of fun are in order.

We normally spend the weekend at home these days, unless we have somewhere special to go but this weekend we are actually going out. The plan is to go to Southampton if it is rainy. We need to make our annual visit to body shop for deodorant stock up. I also want to visit Ikea for new curtains for the Crete house. When the weather improves we will take a drive down to Portsmouth and walk along the beach for a few hours. We haven't been there for years. I remember my son winning some money on the games there once, the king where you put 10p in the top of the machine and it pushes coins out the bottom. He won £13 and was so pleased. He bought fish and chops for lunch for all the family. His first chance ever to treat the family. I am sure the chip shop was pleased to receive about £10 in 10p pieces.

There will be chores too, a big grocery shop, a trip tot he bank, collecting a parcel, but they all sound like fun too when you have a dy off.


  1. That sounds awesome Lizzie! Have a fabulous time. Both of you have earned it!

  2. Do you know that you're the third person today to mention Ikea! I've never been and was thinking about it earlier in the week - do you suppose it's a sign?? lol

  3. We did have a lovely time but perhaps better that one of us is normally working as we spent a fortune (relatively peaking ofcourse).

    Aha, the call of IKEA. Its get everyone in the end!!


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