Feeling 'crunched'

The credit crunch seems to be crunching at us a bit now.

My job remains as busy as ever, busier even. Not quite so for my husband. He is a swimming teacher. He runs his own lessons and hires another teacher, he teaches for other swim school and he teaches private lesson. This month we are down to a total of 18 hours works outside of our own swim school. Our swim school has just enough customer to break even but not enough to pay him as well. I was expecting this really. When money gets a bit shorter then luxuries re the first to go.

We can manage without his income but it leaves us short on extras and overpaying. What I like least is it seems to be leaving him very sad. He misses some of the kids that he has taught for years but most of all he misses feeling useful i believe. He is quite lethargic at the moment. There is work to be done here at the house but it isn't quite the same.

We are lucky and there are certainly people considerably worse off than us but all the same I would pref to see him looking a little happier.


  1. Feeling useful is a powerful thing. Better than money somtimes. Is volunteering out of the question?

  2. No,not at all. He is already doing some volunteering and it definitely does help (as well as helping out obviously)but a bit of paid work is good too.


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