I am still tired. Metatone and vitamin effervescent tablets aren't making much of an impression as I cant seem to get to sleep.

My husband had a check up at the hospital yesterday after his eye op a few weeks back. Not a success. They will try again in a few months.

Some good news though - we finally found a replacement radiator for the car. I was beginning to think we would have to scrap the car as no one has been able to find a radiator for us, or fix the one we have,in the last month. The car gets through about gallon of water a day (seems like). we saved cash though by buying the radiator and then taking it to a small local garage to be fitted. £180 fitting by the main dealer, £80 fitting including £50 for another small repairs. I feel better now!

Next we have to sort out a exhaust system on a budget.

Note for the future. If you dont like to spend a lot of money on car parts and repairs then do not buy a limited edtition vehicle, even by accident.


  1. So sorry to hear you and the hubby are still having health problems. That is the worst when you don't have any energy. I hope you find something that helps very soon. Good work on the car though.


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