Who am I?

Is that what I mean. Or is it 'what do I want?' I have just read this post about putting things into perspective. I have wondered over the years whether my life is different because I didn't make plans or a road map. I wanted to be a deep sea diver or astronaut when I was at school. I just got a job because it is what you do and of course because of the cash. I studied at college part time over years because i found low level work dull & I figured if I am going to work for half a century then I might as well get paid well. So I qualified as an accountant, worked my way up in the finance team in a social housing environment. Now I am pretty much the boss. If I was ambitious in the conventional sense then I have done very well for myself but it wasn't my plan, just the way it turned out. I just wanted life to be interesting.

When I was about 19 I remember making a decision not to turn down opportunities because i was shy or embarrassed. After a few years it came naturally to me. I actually changed my personality through a decision. I wonder what would have happened if I had made other changes instead.

I suppose my life might actually be considered quite dull for someone who set out to have an interesting time but on the whole it isn't. I still have an interesting job. I once went on holiday, stayed two years and came back with a husband ( I didn't realise he couldn't speak English, I just liked the way he said yes to everything).

I was thinking of spending some time over the next few weeks making a plan for the next couple of decades. The kids will be leaving home soon and life changes again. Looking back wards the path is easy to see but I think I have enjoyed myself without too much of a forward looking plan. Maybe it is time to decide whether to plan instead of what to plan.


  1. Good luck with your long term planning!

    I've never really planned in the past but I'm currently working on short term goals which I hope to achieve within the next couple of years.

  2. I always wanted to work in art or with animals. I did neither and now just work for money. But every day is a new chance and it's never too late to start a new path. I hope your upcoming changes work out well.

  3. I feel a bit like this Lizzie, life has just happened for the last twenty five years without too much planning.

    There is a feeling of the next twenty years are 'now or never', so it's really, really important to make the most of them :)

  4. I love your comment about going on holiday & staying 2 years, returning with a husband who said "yes" because he coyuldn't speak English! At 19 I would never haved believed that I'd end up living on a mountain in Ireland, surrounded by animals. I studied Librarianship because I wanted a paying Saturday job & 1 came up in the town children's library & I got it because I said I'd go to Library College!

  5. Nice post. Love the comment about your husband! So romantic. ;)

    Maybe its in the air... I have been thinking about my path, too. And its time to toss in some fun!

    I'm with Laura...'now or never' time to make the most of the years. And kids grow to fast, darn it!

  6. So maybe some short term goals are the thing??? I am not a great one for buying things but I do think that perhaps I should work on some kind of income after i finish full time work. I would like to travel more, spend some time looking after orangutans in SOuth East Asia, all the usual things!!


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