Thursday, 30 July 2009

Crete is calling

Three weeks today, Daizy has reminded me to chekc my calendar and its three weeks today until we are on holiday again. Yaaayy! No, ofcourse I am not worried about leaving my eldest son home alone for nearly three weeks. The neighbours will hate me (3am is not a good time for guitar practice) and my electric bill will go through the roof, the homeless of the area will move in (he has a lot of friends). Oh well, i guess its better than leaving the place empty for that time.

Ofcourse the thing with travleiing to your own house is that its not all hotels and someone else looking after you, its is more like chores but in a differnt climate. We have lighting to wire in, curtains to hang, tiling to complete. Just like home but with sunshine. I had an email from my mum who lives locally today to say that we have electricity! Not to be taken for granted but i am very pleased. I hate turning up at 3am and not being able to find anything.

Same friend also thinks her brother might want to rent the place for a couple of months through the winter. That would be very handy for us. Some extra cash is always good. It all goes towards the house of course. A pool would be excellent. Nice to have a dream.

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  1. How exciting! Sounds like a fun "working" vacation. It must feel good to make progress on the house.


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