Friday, 24 July 2009

First day of new life

Oka, its a bit over the top. I have just been busy for a while but a whole day off felt good but kind of weird. I didnt even do any housework. Instead we went shopping!

Eek! I know I am not a shopper but when we visit the Crete house I take clothes and toys for my friends twins & although I do take second hand sometimes I also felt a few new items wouldnt hurt.

Worse than shopping we also had fast food for lunch. It was a treat for my husband. He may have enjoyed it but my 'Ocean Catch' was just something hot in a bun with old lettuce and mayonaisse. Still it did serve to affirm that fast food is still awful.

After these two traumas I couldnt actually face my grocery shopping so that is still waiting for my attention tomorrow. To the market for fruit and veg first first and to my neighbour who is selling excess veg)and then top up of what I need from the shop. Also a hair cut. I have been mistreating my hair, by neglecting it I feel. I look like cousin It.

Loving having three days off togther. I thought it was Saturday night already and I get the nice surprise that its not even SAturday, let alone night time. Yeah!!


  1. Bad fast food is so disappointing especially when it is supposed to be a treat. Have fun with your long weekend. When is your next trip to Crete?

  2. Glad to hear all is well. I'm sure your hair do doesn't come close to looking like IT. LOL.

    Isn't it funny... I have craved fast food before and when I did indulge... it was bleck and I felt fat and artery clogged.

    Nice to see you're back. :)

  3. 20th AUgust, three weeks today, not that i am counting!

    thats exactly what i felt. Big disapponting. the smell of some thing is also so much better than the taste!


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