Saturday, 11 July 2009

I love Saurdays

I don't mind that the sun has abandoned us or that I have a load of cleaning to do, Saturdays are still lovely.

I brought us cheese on toast for a breakfast which will keep us going until later after when my husband gets home from work.

My kitchen needs a bot of clean up. Last night my youngest son asked his dad for a campfire in the garden. They wanted it to be dark so it was a late start. They built a fire pit with blocks and grilled meat over the burnt down embers. They did clean up after themselves but teenager style, so it still needs some work.

The same son is finishing year one of college next week and wants to dye his hair purple today! Guess whose job that will be.

This afternoon we will re-light the bonfire to cook the rest of the meat. We have a massive umbrella if it rains so it should be fun.

We had a letter this morning from Virgin telling us we should make the move from Sky TV to them as it is such an irresistible deal. I guess they don't realise there are people who don't have satellite TV but we are happy without it. In fact one of my sons friend wanted to watch TV last evening as he was getting too wet outside. and I didn't know how to work the TV at all ( i could switch it on, just not get a picture).There weren't any batteries in the remote for a start, so I guess we are not TV people. If you looked in the window you wouldn't know it though, we have a massive screen. I thinks its because my husband didn't have toys as a child. Thank goodness he is pretty much cured now though.


  1. Oooo! Purple hair! lol

    Don't suppose we get a photo (of just the hair)?

    Sad to say that we are TV people, not to any great extent, but have certain shows we really hate to miss. I think I could do without it better than BH, he has refused thus far to let go of Sky Sports. I bring up the subject every so often in hopes one day he'll cave and say ok, dtich the dish!

  2. It doesnt look as awful as i thouhgt. Dark purple rather than glow-in-the-dark. I will try to snap him!
    We fell out with SKYTV some years ago when they offered us a really good deal & then set us up with a monthly bill of around double. My husband took exception and cancelled them compeltely. Something I would never have epxected as he was a bit of a telly addict. Maybe the same will happen to your husband?

  3. I just spent a week without tv since my parents don't watch it and my sister cancelled it. I must admit I was a bit bored but only because I wasn't at my own home so I didn't have any projects to work on.

  4. @Lizzie

    One never knows.... lol


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