Bucking up

I am bucking up a bit he last two weeks at work have been frightful. However I am pretty sure we have rounded the corner now and things should start to improve next week. Just in time to save my sanity I think.On monday i am going to spend a half an hour early in the dya sorting my desk & emails to see what i should have done and haven't.

So, if I am setting my ducks in row at work then perhaps it is time to do the same at home.

I plan the usual bout of cleaning for tomorrow but if the rain stays away then a garden tidy session too. Sunday can be paper sort out day and finally a list update session.

I lvoe weekends but I would quite like to go back to loving my job too. Fingers crossed for Monday.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Was there a particular reason for it being so busy and stressful at work or just a ocmbination of problems with clients?
    As you say hopefully now the dust has settled you might be able to get back to the way things were.
    For some those hectic days are what makes them tick but for others it can be sheer hell - for me I used to enjoy a bit of pace sometimes but they certainly made me appreciate the quiet times lol
    Take care

  2. Everything just went wrong and it all felt like my fault & was certianly mine to sort out.However it wasnt my fault, if I am honest, and my boss has a cunning plan to avoid the same problems next year so I am one happy bunny (but still slightly tired) today!


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